How to use a downloadable application?


To use a downloadable application:

  1. User may contact the contributor of the application through “Contact Forms”.
  2. Queries may be sent to the contributor for any requirements for configuration, customizations and master data preparation through Contact form.
  3. Authenticated user may refer to the “Download Section” for downloading the user manual and technical manual.
  4. User may look at the demo URL for test run of the application.
  5. Authenticated user can download the application code and database. He can then deploy the downloaded application and database in his own environment.
  6. All the underlying software (operating system, database management system, web server, application server etc.) and hardware are to be provisioned by the user only.
  7. User may contact the contributor for any issues in deployment/using of the application.
  8. It may be noted that the application in its current form may need some level of customization/master data preparation before it can be used with respect to your requirement.