Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS)

Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS) is an initiative of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to leverage information technology for ensuring delivery of full spectrum of healthcare and immunization services to pregnant women and children up to 5 years of age. It is an innovative, web-based application, developed by NIC, to facilitate and monitor service delivery as well as to establish a two way communication between the service providers and beneficiaries. Generation of work plans of ANMs, sending regular alerts to the service providers as well as beneficiaries about the services due and a user-friendly dash board for health managers at various levels to monitor delivery of services will go a long way in ensuring quality service delivery, micro birth planning, ensuring universal immunization and will have positive impact on important health indicators like Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Ratio. It will also help in evidence based planning and continuous assessment of service delivery to pregnant women and children.
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First Release Date :01-Dec-2009
Current Release Date :29-Jun-2016

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Web Application
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Services Offered
Registration of Pregnant Women
When pregnant women comes to any Health Facility/Sub-Centre and get herself registered and receive first Ante-Natal Care (ANC) Service then she is registered for getting the full health services.
Ante-Natal Care (ANC), Delivery & Post-Natal Care (PNC) Services
During the pregnancy period, MCTS records 4 ANC services given to pregnant women and then captures delivery details like date of delivery, place of delivery and its outcome and then PNC Service. Workplan for the ANM/ASHA is generated so that no women is left without services.
Registration of Children for Immunization
In order to give 30 immunization to every child, she/he is registered in MCTS application.
Immunization Services to Children
Immunization is given to every child as per the schedule and Workplan is generated to be consumed by ANM/ASHA from the MCTS application so that no child is left.
Integration with other applications like PFMS,MDR ,MCTFC,Mobile Academy,Kilkari etc.
Integrated with :- 1.PFMS to make the DBT based JSY payments to the beneficiary. 2.MCTs Facilitation Centre (MCTFC) to access the quality of service being delivered in the field. 3. Kilkari Services, a dedicated IVRS platform to educate beneficiary about the pregnancy & child care.
USSD technology to update the service live on the MCTS portal.
Data is updated through USSD by the ANMs on real time basis on the MCTS portal from the remotest part of the country.
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SQL Server
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2008 R2
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.NET framework
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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
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In all 36 states, MCTS has been implemented.
All India
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