e-Hospital@NIC - Hospital Management System is a workflow based ICT solution for Hospitals specifically meant for the hospitals in Government Sector. This is generic software which covers major functional areas like patient care, laboratory services, work flow based document/information exchange, human resource and medical records management of a Hospital. It is a patient-centric system rather than a series of add-ons to a financial system. e-Hospital@NIC Suite is a web based solution, developed by NIC using Free Open Source Software (FOSS) tools and conforms to HL7 Standards, for managing healthcare service delivery in public hospitals in India; and solution is made available to public hospitals in India as Software As A Services (SaaS) by National Informatics Centre, Government of India for accelerated infusion/ adoption of ICT tools and Healthcare Standards by large number of public hospitals. This solution has been deployed in many individual hospitals with interoperability features as per HL7 Standards. e-Hospital@NIC features includes ISO / IEC 9126 Certification, Based on HDF(HL7 Development Framework), Unicode based Indian Multilingual Support , Compliant with standards like Vocabulary- ICD-9, LOINC etc., Embedded User Manual, Comprehensive Reporting on various customizable parameters, Comprehensive Role based Access control and Security, Data Security and Privacy, Audit logging of transactions, Powerful Search facility and tracking of patient history, Enables data sharing across various departments, Touch Screen Kiosk interface.
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First Release Date :15-Aug-2005
Current Release Date :28-Jan-2013

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Web Application
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Health & Family welfareHealth
chayan (chayan@gov.in)
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Doctors, Hospital Management, e-Hospital, HL7, Patient Care, Medical Record, Laboratory
Services Offered
Patient Registration
This service covers all requisite aspects for a patient registration process, starting from appointment booking to a print out of a Registration Slip. This service takes care of New Patients as well as Re-Visiting Patients very well.
Comphrehensive Clinic module leading to prescription generation
Emergency-Casualty module take care all activities about Emergency Services
Billing and Accounts
This module facilitates cashier and billing operators for different categories of patients like Outpatient, Inpatient and Referral. It provides automatic posting of charges related to different services like bed charges, lab tests conducted, medicines issued, consultant's fee, food, beverage, etc.
Path Lab(LIS)
This module handles Sample Collection, Sample Quality Status, Observation Entry, Observation Verification, Observation Report, MIS, etc. Besides, one important feature of this module is creating templates for a customized laboratory process.
Imaging and PACS:This module handles Scheduling, Observation Entry, PACS View, MIS, etc. This module can manage online study no for captured Image from PACS server.
In Patient Department(Admission/Discharge/Transfer)
Admission service is designed to manage admission process seamlessly. Discharge service is designed to manage discharge process by notifying discharge and then finally discharge verification.
Blood Bank Management
Comprehensive Blood Bank Management System covers all the activities of a standard Blood Bank.
OT Management
This is a module which take-care all activities relating to OT activities.
Pharmacy Management
This module handles Issuance of pharmacy item and receipt generation, online and offline Stock Receipt, Pharmacy Indent generation, Indent verification, Damage return, MIS, etc. Besides, one important feature of this module is managing Inventory for pharmacy item with re-order level.
Care Provision
This module take-care nursing activities
Stores and Inventory
This module handles Indent Generation, Indent verification, Purchase order Generation, MIS, etc. Besides, one important feature of this module is managing Inventory with re-order level.
Dietary Services
Laundry Services
Birth and Death Registration
Student Management System
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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
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Delhi (NCT), Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Tripura
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